Build Great Study Tools

At Modquiz, enter your notes in an organized and relational way. We take those notes and lay them out graphically, like a mindmap. Your notes become flashcards and quizzes that you can use to master your subject. Modquiz is collaborative, so that you can work on these study guides with your peers or friends.

Our mission is to:

Lower the barriers to entry

for learning, teaching, and career development

for everybody everywhere

Personalized wiki, for integrated studying.

Don't create long lists of disorganized flashcards, instead, create a wiki with structure, like an outline, that way you can easily create a full set of organized notes.

Visualize what you know, so you can know more.

Visualize the structure of your notes like a mindmap. Easiy navigate to sections of your notes.

Automatically generated quizzes.

Most quiz questions ask you to identify relationships between concepts in your subject. We store your notes in a graph, so we automatically create unique questions.